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Google – SEO WIKI

Google is a search engine owned by Google Inc. Google Inc in 1996 was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

According to Alexa Internet, on April 1, 2019 google.com ranks first in the international ranking of the top 500 sites. In United Kingdom, the Google search engine is the second most popular after Yandex, according to Yandex.Radar.

In 2019, the desktop search engine interface looks like this:

In 1998, he looked like this:

Image Source: web.archive.org

Google search results are generated by an algorithm that works according to a formula with a large number of variables. Google search robots evaluate a web resource by many parameters, including: security features (SSL certificate), page loading speed, mobility, useful texts and useful links. Google’s search algorithms are also highly appreciated if the organization is registered with Google My Business.

Key Features of Google Search Engine

There is no rigid regional binding to cities, which is in the search for Yandex. In fact, for Google, the region is a country. But there is the concept of local SEO: for local (local) organizations there is a very strict reference to the geographical location accurate to the kilometer. Thanks to this, a user who has requested “coffee shop” from Google will first see coffee shops within walking distance.
It encrypts most of the requested search queries, which is why the Google Search Console and Google Analytics show significantly less information than the Yandex statistics service.
Many proprietary products that are constantly evolving, such as the Google Merchant Center and the Google Ads contextual advertising service.
AMP – proprietary technology for instant loading of pages directly from mobile search results.