High-frequency queries for the site, how to choose them and how to promote - SEO WIKI

High-frequency queries for the site, how to choose them and how to promote

High Frequency Inquiries (HF) in advance – SEO WIKI

What queries are considered high frequency? Usually they consist of 1-2 words and represent general categories of information sought by users, without specification – “hotels”, “books”, “plastic windows”, etc. In other words, a high-frequency query is how many times a month people typed in a search engine the words or phrases related to the topic of the site being promoted, most often (from 1000 and more).

High-frequency requests are the most competitive and, therefore, the most expensive in promotion.

In order for the site to be in the top for such requests, the optimizer must squeeze out the resources that already occupy the first positions here. This requires long painstaking work, as well as significant financial investments.

Since HF queries are inherently very non-specific, users who visited the site using this type of query and did not find the necessary information can leave it very soon.

If you are wondering how to determine a high-frequency query or not, refer to special services. For example, high-frequency queries in Yandex will help determine the wordstat.yandex service.

How to promote high-frequency queries? For this, one should take into account high competition, high cash costs, the influx of inappropriate visitors to the site and restrictions on the choice of a promoted page.