Web hosting is a service that leases server capacities for hosting sites on the network.

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Web hosting is a service that provides the ability to host a site on the Internet. A hosting company is called a hosting provider. The provider provides customers with server space and software capabilities. What is hosting and what does it give? In short, hosting gives you the opportunity to provide access to the site from anywhere where there is Internet, without having to equip your own server.

By default, any hosting is paid. But there are also free options, for example, a test period of several days, so that, based on the results of testing, decide whether this particular hosting provider is right for you. There are even completely free tariffs with limited functionality, again, to check whether this provider suits you.

When choosing a hosting for simple projects (a site with low traffic), it is enough to determine whether there is enough disk space for your site and get acquainted with the reviews: how stable the hosting itself works. For demanding complex projects, you need to consult with a server and / or web programmer for the correct choice of hosting.