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ICS (site quality index) | SEOWIKI

IKS (site quality index) – SEO WIKI

IKS – site quality index – a quantitative coefficient of the site’s benefit for users, introduced by Yandex instead of the outdated TIC.

How X differs from TCI

TIC (thematic citation index) was calculated on the basis of only one ranking factor – the link authority of the site: the more good links to the site, the higher the TIC. IKS is a comprehensive indicator, it takes into account several parameters that are important primarily for people.

How is ICS calculated

The key characteristic for the quality index is the demand for the web site by users. Yandex evaluates it based on the data of its services – Metrics, Zen, Maps.

What is taken into account:

audience volume of the site;
user satisfaction level;
degree of trust and other parameters.

The indicator is updated approximately once a month.

If Yandex detects violations on the site or identifies attempts to influence the calculation, Yandex can reset the site quality index at any time.

IKS mirrors and subdomains
IKS mirrors and the main site are equal.
The subdomain ICS is equal to the primary domain ICS.
Where to see the X site
Actually on the site, if the owner has placed the corresponding icon on it.
On the page “Site Quality Index” in Yandex.Webmaster. It is not necessary to have an account for this: any user can find out the quality index of any site.
The owner of the site, adding it to Yandex.Webmaster and confirming the rights to manage the resource, can see the ICS in the “My Sites” section. The owner can also receive weekly notifications of changes in the ICS in the summary of the web site.