Search Engine Index, Page Indexing in SEO

Index – SEO WIKI

An index is a search base that contains documents and page parameters. It is designed to store and organize websites on the Internet according to key user requests.

Special search robots regularly collect data about new pages on the network and reindex the old ones, making changes. Due to them, a faster and more accurate search is provided. The index is used to facilitate the search for necessary pages by users, as they are given pages that are relevant to the query.

The index is shown to users without program code and tags. The order in which the index is formed depends on many factors, and, first of all, the text on the page and keywords play an important role, where each word has its own weight in the index.

Indexing of pages occurs in different ways and depends on external links to the page, the uniqueness of the text and the search engine. On average, indexing takes several days.