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Query – a word, phrase or phrase that the user enters in the search bar. In other words, what the user requests from the search engine is the request.

From the point of view of search engines, a query is needed to find the pages that are most relevant to the user’s intention. The algorithm determines relevance not only for key queries in the text, but for other parameters. However, if there are requests in the text, for search robots this serves as a signal that the user can find the answer to his question or solve his problem.

From the point of view of an SEO specialist, a query is needed to bring a search user to a site. For this purpose, before writing texts for pages, key requests are collected and a detailed technical task is compiled with a list of necessary keywords.

There are several classifications of requests:

on purpose: information and commercial;
in frequency: low-frequency, mid-frequency, high-frequency;
brand involvement: branded and non-branded;
according to the form of use of occurrence: precise, morphological, diluted.