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Instant View Article Technology

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Instant View Technology Instant View is a technology for instant viewing of articles and news published on the site directly in the Telegram messenger. That is, the page of the site can be viewed without going to it in the browser. For website owners, such a development is primarily useful for attractiveness: the faster the page loads, the sooner the user decides to view it. Therefore, it makes sense for website owners to learn how to set up Telegram Instant View to attract more audiences.

Such pages in the Telegram are marked separately:

Instant View weighs very little and is cached on Telegram servers, so it loads instantly with almost any quality of Internet connection. The technology helps the user save traffic.

Setting up Telegram Instant View for the site is possible using,, Before setting up Instant View, it’s best to study the basic HTML layout: all the page properties that govern its display are expressed using HTML tags.