Keyword Matching Types – What It Is and What It Can Be

Keyword Match Types – SEO WIKI

Match types of keywords in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads is a setting that limits how exactly a keyword must match a user’s request so that an ad is displayed on it.

4 types of keyword matching:

Broad match: Ads will be shown to as many people as possible for all queries that relate to the keyword, including typos, synonyms, mistakes, and so on.
Broad match modifier: advertising is displayed only on those requests that are marked with a plus sign in the setting (the key “+ blue + balls” will include blue gel balls, blue balloons, but not green ribbons or purple balls).
Phrase match: an ad will be shown when a user asks the search engine for the main keyword and related variations. There may be other words before and after the key phrase, but not inside. This match increases the accuracy and flexibility of targeting.
Exact match: the ad is shown to those users who entered a query that completely matches the keyword or keyword of the campaign, or which is a close option.

Adwords match match types in special characters.

Yandex keyword match types are configured using operators.