Copy-paste – non-unique site content

Kopipast – SEO WIKI

Copy-paste is non-unique content that has been partially or fully copied from other sources. People who steal other people’s texts and content, followed by posting on their resources, are called copy pasteors.

Copy-paste plays an extremely negative role in the search engine promotion. Search bots quickly determine the source of content and blacklist pages. However, the source determination mechanism is not always triggered correctly, and there are very frequent cases of false positives when the source and the website with copy-paste mutually end up in a search bath.

In order to check the content posted on the site, there are many online services and programs. To check the texts, we recommend using Advego Plagiatus or Etxt Antiplagiarism. These programs allow you to check both part of the text and the entire site.

To protect your content, there are several ways, one of which, the simplest, is to prohibit the selection and copying of text on a page. This is done through a small script in the page code. Also, in the Yandex search system, you can confirm your rights to the content, and then the Yandex search system will consider your site as the primary source of content and delete duplicates from the network. It is best to place watermarks with the logo or company name on photos and pictures of the site. These simple ways will help protect your content from copying.