What is a landing page in contextual advertising

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In contextual advertising, the landing page (or landing page) is the page that the user lands on by clicking on the advertisement. The main task of the landlord is to engage the visitor in the conversion scenario and lead to a transactional action.

Landing page for Yandex.Direct or Google Ads campaigns directly affects the advertising strategy. The more specific the page will be, the more targeted (hot) requests will be and the more specific the user views will be. Therefore, if the page contains a catalog of microwave ovens with a promotion, then the announcement should be appropriate: about microwave ovens for the promotion, and not about everything in a row. The landing page for contextual advertising should reflect exactly what is in the ad.

Also, the landing page is a one-page site dedicated to a particular product or service, designed to briefly and capaciously convey to the user the most important thing.