Text lemmatization – an algorithm for reducing word forms to initial values, which is used by search engines to analyze content

Lemmatization – SEO WIKI

Lemmatization of text is a way of analyzing content by search robots, which consists in bringing each word into a normal morphological form for counting occurrences. The implementation of this algorithm speeds up the process of indexing and evaluating the uniqueness of a page by comparing shingles.

Due to linguistic nuances, query lemmatization is not always accurate, so the features of morphological analysis should be taken into account when optimizing texts. Replacing ambiguous word forms with synonyms, you can increase the position of the site and the relevance of the results as a whole.

To highlight lemmas in texts, there are online services, but their algorithms are simpler than that of search engines. SEO optimizers and contextual advertising specialists often use lemmatization in Excel using professional tools that are easy to find on the web.