Low-frequency queries for website promotion – how to choose

Low Frequency Inquiries (LF) in advance – SEO WIKI

Three types of request frequency are distinguished: high-frequency (HF), mid-frequency (MF) and low-frequency (LF) requests.

What queries are considered low frequency? As the name implies, low-frequency queries are queries with a low reference frequency (from 0 to 100). That is, low-frequency queries are how many times a month people typed certain particular phrases in search engines.

The frequency of a particular request depends on many factors: on the subject, seasonality, on a particular search engine, and so on. In this case, the concepts of low-competitive and low-frequency query should be distinguished, since they are independent of each other.

To check the frequency, you can enter the word of interest on the page wordstat.yandex.ru. If you simply enter a word or phrase, the service will show all possible options, including morphologically modified with additional words and close in meaning. If you enclose the key phrase in double quotes, you can find out how many people searched for this query in the exact occurrence and word forms. The exclamation mark before the word is needed in order to find out how many people entered this query in a direct entry.

Website promotion on RF requests is usually carried out by companies that already occupy high positions on LF and MF requests and want to attract additional visitors. The promotion of sites and online stores for low-frequency queries, the selection of which is performed by the optimizer, is also effective if they have a narrow specialization and offer unique products or services. Most often they use one low-frequency request for one page. Low-frequency queries for promotion is the easiest way to promote a site in search engines, but they give a small influx of users. Therefore, you should use a lot of low-frequency requests, if the goal is to attract a large flow of visitors to the web resource.

How to pick up low-frequency queries? Use all queries that you find up to 1 impression per month. The more you collect, the better. The more requests are reflected on the site, the more low-frequency traffic and the faster the promotion of medium- and high-frequency requests.

How to promote low-frequency queries? Low-frequency queries are quite unpretentious, they do not need to be supported by external links. It is only important to informatively and simply give an answer to the exact search low-frequency. If such an answer is useful and relevant, the page will quickly get into the TOP of the SERP and get a good weight, which can be transferred to other pages of the Internet resource.