micro-markup: what is it and what are the benefits for SEO

Micro-layout – SEO WIKI micro-marking is a semantic markup of data on the Internet, created and implemented by the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo! in 2011. Today it is the most popular dictionary for working with structured data.

Why is micro-marking necessary? is primarily important for SEO, as it allows you to create search snippets. Due to this, individual fragments of relevant content are already available in the SERP. Moreover, the use of micro-marking ensures that the search robot will correctly retrieve information from the site.

How micro markup is displayed in the issuance of Yandex

Site materials are becoming more visually understandable for search users and structured for search engines.

How is micro-markup implemented?

The content of the pages is laid out using directly in the HTML code. Various attributes from the dictionary are added to its fragments; you do not need to create separate export files.

Organization micro-layout template using

A full list of attributes is published on the official website.