Filter Minusinsk – the punishing algorithm of Yandex

Minusinsk – Yandex link filter – SEO WIKI

Yandex’s Minusinsk algorithm is a filter designed to combat low-quality sites that are in the TOP thanks to spam seo links. The new algorithm limits the ranking of such resources for several months and affects all sites, topics and regions.

The more actively links are purchased, the more likely it is that the Internet resource will be pessimized and it will move for a long time to the second page of the issue. Sites that refuse this type of promotion do not feel a strong decrease in traffic from Yandex search.

What are seo links?

We are talking about unnatural links that are specifically designed to influence search algorithms and are beneficial only to the site owner. They do not have a beneficial effect on the quality of the web resource, therefore the Yandex Minusinks algorithm perceives seo links as search spam. They are usually placed on a paid basis, hence the name “corrupt” or “purchased”.

How to understand if a web resource is under a filter?

The most obvious sign is a sharp decrease in traffic and resource positions for basic requests. Do not know where to check the site for Yandex filter “Minusinsk”? The search engine has already provided such an opportunity – if sanctions have been applied, the violation is displayed in the Yandex.Webmaster panel:

How to get out of the Minusinsk filter?

It is important to remove all spam links as quickly as possible. Although this may take more time than purchasing new ones. When everything is deleted, the robot will reindex the donor sites. In the future, you should promote your projects with competently optimized, and most importantly, useful texts for users.

How long does it take to exit the filter?

This will take an average of a couple of months to six months. Everything depends on the time period for which you will get rid of external links and re-index source pages.

One way or another, you can contact our company, and we will quickly help you figure out the problem.