What is native advertising, how does it look and what happens

Native advertising – SEO WIKI

Native advertising – “natural” advertising, not perceived by the user as advertising due to the fact that it is published in the same format as other materials on the site. Moreover, such material contains a proposal for a product or service.

The main difference between native and hidden advertising is that, according to the standards of “native”, such materials should be marked accordingly. Most often, such materials are marked as advertising or affiliate:

Examples of materials of native advertising in the publication “Lifehacker”

Hidden advertising is not marked in any way, the most famous example is product placement, when different products and / or brands are used in films.

Types of native advertising can be very different, it depends on the ingenuity of the authors of the site. The most common are:

branded (affiliate) content: articles, reviews, reviews, tests, special projects. This is a collaboration product of the author (representative of the publication) and the advertiser.
ribbon advertising: programmable ad units within materials;
Recommended content: widgets of blocks from the series “We also recommend”, “Read along with this,” and so on, which are usually located under the article.

“Native” is also used in social networks. Here, for example, native advertising in “Instagram” in the account of actress Gal Gadot. Noted Publication Sponsor:

An example of native advertising on VKontakte – the Arzamas educational project launched the course with the support of Tatneft and indicated this in a post:

And an example from a developing site from Yandex – native advertising in Zen:

Image source: How I did native advertising in Yandex.Zen and brought 600 solvent customers to a partner