Nausea of ​​text in seo, meaning of the term - SEO WIKI

Nausea of ​​text in seo, meaning of the term

Nausea – SEO WIKI

Page nausea is an indicator for text content on a site page that describes the ratio of repeating words to the volume of text.

Text nausea is one of the important indicators in SEO optimization, as search engines pay attention to content. If there is a glut of key phrases in the text, this will adversely affect the promotion.

To check the nausea of ​​texts, they use special online services or programs. For example, you can use the service that offers the site When analyzing this service, you can find out the total number of characters, the percentage of occurrence of each word or phrase in the text, nausea, and many other important parameters. Do not forget about the uniqueness of the text.

Ultimately, the text on the page should be unique, readable, accessible to the user, appropriate to the subject and have a certain number of occurrences of key phrases or words. Then the nausea of ​​the page will be at an acceptable level.