Negative keywords in Yandex.Direct and AdWords – what it is and how to use it

Negative keywords – SEO WIKI

Negative keywords are queries for which contextual ads should not be displayed. Negative keywords are used in AdWords and Yandex.Direct, are added in special settings.

You need to use this setting to cut off the non-target audience that is looking for something similar to the advertiser’s offer, but not the services and goods that it offers. This helps lower your campaign budget.

The list of negative keywords for the campaign in Yandex.Direct must be individual and compiled separately, and not be downloaded ready from the Web. There really are minus words that can be used in almost every campaign (for example, “free”, “video”, “photo”, “do it yourself”, “instruction”), but no one is responsible for their versatility.

Negative keywords operators (available in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads) are special characters that help you select the type of request.

For AdWords:

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