Google Filter “Penguin” for the cheat link

Penguin – SEO WIKI

Penguin (Penguin) – a filter of the search engine Google, which is superimposed on resources that conduct suspicious activity and send web spam. The Penguin algorithm determines low-quality sites and lowers them in the issue, or even excludes them from it. This filter from Google appeared in April 2012 and was updated 2 times, in May and October of the same year.

The Penguin filter includes resources that try to manipulate Google’s search results. Such manipulations include:

The use in anchor backlinks of a large number of direct occurrences;
Selling and buying links;
Use of template pages;
Using a grid of sites to transfer weight to the main resource.

If the Penguin filter is superimposed on the site, then the webmaster receives a notification that the site is suspicious and that measures should be taken so as not to fall under the filter. After that, you should carefully check all the parameters of the site, if necessary, re-optimize the pages and submit a second application for a review of the site.