Premium impressions (special placement) – an area for displaying 4 Yandex content contextual ads at the very top of Yandex search results.

Premium Impressions (Special Placement) – SEO WIKI

Premium impressions (special placement) is a zone for displaying Yandex.Direct search contextual advertising, which included the first 4 positions at the very top of the issue:

Among all types of Yandex.Direct ads, special placement was considered one of the most effective: as Direct determined, special placement brought the largest number of clicks, so the price of special placement was much higher than other ads. Entrance to the special accommodation assumed a minimum bet threshold, less than which you can’t assign.

Since April 2018, Yandex has replaced special placements with a new format of ads that appear in the same places – premium displays. Now the algorithm offers effective options for the design of announcements, based on the topic and relevance to the user’s request. Using the new bidding interface, the advertiser pays for the amount of traffic received, and not for the position. Only the trading principle has not changed, which is still carried out according to the rules of the VCG auction.