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Registration of a site in search engines – SEO WIKI

The answer to the question why registration of a site in search engines is necessary is simple. If the search system does not know anything about the site, then ordinary users are unlikely to be able to visit it, since the only opportunity for this will be to obtain a direct link to the resource from friends or acquaintances, no more.

Today, Google, Yandex and are considered the most popular search engines on Runet. The question may arise in which search engines to register a site? Answer: better in several at once.

There are two ways to get into a particular search engine:

The first is to visit the official website of the search engine company, find the appropriate section for registering sites, fill out the form and submit the resource for indexing. But before sending the application, you should once again check the site for user-friendly content, optimize the pages for search robots and the presence of high-, medium- and low-frequency queries on the pages.
The most desirable way of registering in search engines is the second, when the main page of the site is linked from pages of other Internet resources. The search robot, examining these resources, goes through the posted URL and thereby learns about new pages and independently sends the site to indexing in search engines.

The third way is to do nothing and the site itself will appear in the search engine due to the work of spider robots that gradually index all pages. This method is less time consuming, but longer.

Site registration in Google, as a rule, is famous for its speed. With Yandex, things are a little different. The process of registering a site in Yandex is lengthy, however, this search engine is the most popular in Runet and everyone wants to get there.

To register a site in Yandex and Google, and then promote the site in these search engines, you will have to deal with concepts such as PR and TIC. These are peculiar indices of authority of a resource, the difference between them is that PR is assigned for its separate page, TIC characterizes the authority of the whole site as a whole. It should be periodically monitored so that these indicators grow and the site moves faster.

Registration of a site in search engines is an important component for promotion and visibility of a site on the global Internet.