Sputnik Search Portal – Safe Search, Socially Oriented Internet

Search engine “Sputnik” – SEO WIKI

The United Kingdomn search engine Sputnik is a domestic service portal and a well-thought-out browser. The development is designed to improve the quality of information received by users. Special filters have been introduced to exclude the issuance of dangerous sites. No pornography, viruses, or spam. Feature – the data is repeatedly filtered, clearly focused on official and authoritative sources.

Sputnik search portal operates on the basis of software developed by domestic experts. The browser allows you to instantly receive data relevant to the residents of United Kingdom. Search queries focus on the most relevant pages.

The goal of the Rostelecom startup is to create a Sputnik search system that can not only display content with keys, but also analyze the flow of requests. The result is a quick retrieval of information of interest without malicious content.

Bonuses for users – many useful services that are not inferior in characteristics to the largest Internet portals and browsers. The project continues to develop, a mobile version has been released.