SEO articles for website promotion, how to write

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In order to understand how simple text differs from a seo article, you need to figure out why content on the site is generally necessary.

First of all, the text should contain useful information for the user about the product, product or service that this or that Internet resource offers. But there are a lot of information sites on the Internet, and users usually browse no more than 10 pages from search results. Therefore, the text should be not only informative, but also optimized for search engines and more relevant (as closely as possible to meet user requests) than competitor texts.

As a result, a seo-optimized article is a combination of informative and interesting text with key occurrences of queries.

After seo-optimization of the article, the text should be equally liked by both search robots that index the site in search engines and users who find the information they need. If you do not want to wait for search robots to index the site, you can independently register the site and key pages in popular search engines.

How to write SEO articles?

So, you have the right seo-article, which is optimized and ready to decorate the pages of your site, but you should not forget about the little things. For example, about pictures. According to psychologists, when a person looks at a text with pictures, he first pays attention to the image and only then does he begin to read. Therefore, when placing text on the pages of Internet resources, it should be remembered that it should be diluted with a pair of thematic pictures. This will turn out an interesting and informative page that will attract the attention of the visitor.

It should also be borne in mind that a large amount of text is difficult to understand, so you should either write small but capacious texts, or break the text into several pages. The recommended amount of text should be at least 2000 characters without spaces.

CWT Advertising experts also recommend that you organically embed a link in the text, i.e. special phrases to which a link to another page will be linked. The main thing is that these phrases are relevant to the topic and lead to other pages with similar topics. Such a system of seo-promotion of articles helps the user to get the most useful information on your site. In addition to the convenience of navigation, linking allows you to transfer the internal link weight to the desired pages. It also allows search engines to crawl and index pages on your site faster.

If you cannot write a seo article yourself, then entrust this matter to the word masters, copywriters who can write excellent advertising, selling texts that attract users, i.e. potential customers.