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The IT industry is rapidly developing today, new directions appear, requirements are becoming tougher. The Internet is a global platform designed not only for communication and entertainment, but also for starting a business or promoting existing brands. Online shopping has become as much a mundane thing as going to the store. In this regard, the number of Internet portals, sites offering various services and products is growing every day. How to survive in this sea of ​​competitors and how to make sure that your site is noticed by a buyer or client? The answer is simple – entrust the promotion of your resource to a seo-company, which will quickly bring pages to the top search engines thanks to many years of experience and special seo-programs.

Website promotion is a complex and rather lengthy process, the main purpose of which is to attract visitors (potential customers) to the site. To automate the search engine optimization process and to increase site traffic, it is recommended to use specialized programs for seo analysis. They will help to conduct a high-quality audit and analysis of a resource that needs to be promoted or which is already being promoted, will track the activities of competitors, will analyze seo-articles on key requests, etc. The results are most often expressed by the quantitative indicators of visitors who visited the resource, by the number of customers who purchased one or another product or used the services of an online service. Among the best seo-programs, we can distinguish the main ones that are indispensable tools of any promotion specialist:

Site auditor,

Most of these programs for SEO promotion are paid, but they have free analogues and demos with limited functionality.

The most simple and convenient to manage is the free seo-software Site Auditor. Here, as in most tools, there is data on site visibility, you can get quantitative indicators of TIC and PR, as well as find out the sum of pages that are indexed by the search engines Google, Rambler, Yandex, Aport and Yahoo. You can check the number of links to the Internet resource, as well as the presence of the site in the trust catalogs.

To the same simple, but already paid tools, is the Xenu Link Sleuth. This tool helps to quickly conduct internal site diagnostics.

The paid Keycollector program is in the tools of almost every seo-company. This is a universal program that helps to identify key queries, find out their competitiveness and helps to make up the semantic core of the site (i.e., to identify the optimal queries that the site will advance on).

Programs for seo texts that help determine the uniqueness of content, spam, nausea, verbal junk and other indicators that are taken into account when promoting a web resource: Advego Plagiatus, Etxt Anti-plagiarism and Glavred β.

The programs described above in inexperienced hands will be useless. It requires certain knowledge in the field of SEO and an understanding of all the subtleties for the correct interpretation of the data obtained, as well as the correction of all inconsistencies. And the cost of many of them is quite high, which is not affordable for the average user. Companies such as CWT Advertising spend large sums on the acquisition of professional programs, and experienced professionals successfully use them to promote customer sites to the top lines of search engines.

CWT Advertising also has its own developments, for example, the unique and unmatched Seotech program, which allows you to regularly collect statistics, analyze and point out problems in the promotion of a site. With the help of such a program and thanks to the rich experience of the company’s specialists, website promotion becomes simple and effective.

You can download seo-programs on official sites.