Server response code: what it is, what it can be, how to check

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The server response code is a three-digit status code that indicates the server’s response to a user’s request that the browser processes for further actions: load the requested page, display the status “Page not found”, redirect and the like.

Web Server Response Codes: Classification

Five classes of status codes are distinguished:

1 ** – Informational: The request has been received, is being processed.
2 ** – Success (codes with the answer “Successful”): the request has been received and processed.
3 ** – Redirection (redirection codes): for the request to be executed by the system, further steps must be taken.
4 ** – Client Error (codes indicating an error on the client side): the request has poor syntax or cannot be executed.
5 ** – Server Error (codes indicating a server-side error): the server cannot complete the request.

For example, the common code 404 indicates that the page with the entered address does not exist:

Checking the server response code

You can check the response code using the Yandex.Webmaster tool:

Also get the server response code using the Redirect Checker service.