Instagram shopping tags: what it is and how to set it up

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Shopping tags (shopping tags or trade tags) is an Instagram social network tool with which you can mark a product on the photo, and the user, clicking on the tag, immediately goes to the product card on the site.

As an example, shopping tags on Instagram of the Read City bookstore:

How to set up shopping tags on Instagram?

The owner of the Instagram account must be a seller of physical goods: books, clothes, toys, cosmetics and so on. If you provide any services or consult, then this will not work.

Update the application to the latest version and connect a business account
Register in Business Manager and create an e-commerce catalog.
Through the settings of Business Manager, upload the directory to Facebook.
Link a directory to a business page.
Check if the products appeared on the Facebook page.
Go to Instagram settings, select the created directory.

After that, you can add trademarks to new publications.