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Usability of the site – the basics and main principles

Site usability – SEO WIKI

The usability of a web resource is a simple and convenient use of the site by users. The main task of search engines is to provide an answer to a user’s request of interest. Moreover, the answer should be not only relevant, but also convenient for perception and use. The more convenient the Internet resource, the easier it is for the user to find the information he needs or place an order. He should not face obstacles in the form of incomprehensible navigation, many pop-ups, ads, re-optimized and completely incomprehensible texts, etc. If the site is inconvenient, the user will not linger on it and move on in search of a better resource with similar content. Work with the technical side of sites, content, usability is a priority for SEO.

The main problems of usability of Internet resources:

The site does not have clear and convenient navigation.

While on any page of your Internet resource, the user should not experience discomfort or difficulty in easily navigating to the main or any other page. It is also recommended to provide an additional navigation element – “bread crumbs”, which help the user to trace all the way from the main page to the one on which he is currently located. It’s important to remember clear, clear headlines. The user must always clearly understand where he is.

Intricate structure.

The clear structure of the site is a page layout system formed by a logical scheme. That is, it is a kind of hierarchy of pages, their belonging to certain folders or directories.

Bad location of items.

If the elements are randomly located and their purpose is not clear, the user will spend a lot of time to find meaningful points of interaction.

Annoying advertising.

Search engines are able to identify whether advertising on the site really interferes or, on the contrary, competently supplements its content. Also, the ranking formula takes into account whether the advertisement complicates the access of users to the main content of the page, whether it closes the texts, and whether the Internet resource remains popular with such an advertisement.