Link weight of the site

Site weight – SEO WIKI

The weight of a site is a rating that is calculated from the quantity and quality of links to pages on a site. This is the level of authority and importance of the content that search engines rate.

There are two types of this indicator:

statistical page weight – takes into account the presence of links;
dynamic weight – takes into account transitions along them.

Of all the pages on the site, the main weight is at the main page: other resources usually link to it. In addition, most internal linking leads to it.

Check the weight of the site, find out the number and quality of backlinks to it, in several ways.

To get a general picture and find out how many indexed inbound links lead to the site, you can use the default tools from search engines – the Yandex webmaster panel and Google.
Other free services for checking site weight: PR-CY, MegaIndex, Linkpad.
For a deeper analysis of the reference mass of the project, it is recommended to use paid tools – Ahrefs, CheckTrust (there are 500 free checks), as well as Semrush and Serpstat, with which you can analyze the link mass of both your site and the sites of nearest competitors by top.