What is a smart tape on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte

Smart tape – SEO WIKI

Smart tape is a technology that is used in social networks to analyze user activity and display those publications that are more likely to make him want to interact: like, write comments, follow a link, read an article, and so on.

Smart tape algorithms are used on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte.

The clever Facebook feed is based on the principle of priority of posts from living people over all other content. For the user, this means that the posts of his family and friends, as well as the publications he comments on, are shown above, and advertisers need to constantly increase the weight of their posts, engage users in discussions, attract opinion leaders and develop communities.

Smart Instagram feed is built on the same principles (Facebook is the owner of Instagram).

A smart VKontakte tape, also based on various factors of “interesting” posts, has one advantage that is useful to the user – you can disable it: