Yandex and Google search snippets

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It should be understood that the mere promotion of the site in the top issuance is not a guarantee of its high traffic. Seo promotion is such a thing in which any little things are important, so you should not neglect them. Snippets just relate to such trifles that many SEO experts forget about, but which can play a key role.

Snippet is a brief description of the site, visible as a result of a search engine.

Snippet example:

It is necessary to increase attendance and the receipt of traffic on the site directly depends on the correctness of its compilation. People simply will not go to the site if its description is uninteresting or incomprehensible. They will choose a site with a more understandable and acceptable description.

Snippets need to be compiled for each page of the site.
The description of the resource should be interesting, since in this case there is a greater chance that the user will follow the link.
Also, when compiling a snippet, do not forget about its size, which is on average 160 characters. But there is an opportunity to increase the visual appeal of links through advanced snippets.
Another rule: you can’t enter only keywords, as search engines may not like it, and it will be poorly perceived.

How to change a snippet in Yandex if it was created automatically? You need to find the part of the text that the search engine displays, and then adjust it so that it meets all the requirements of a good snippet.

Usually the resource snippet offers the user a page with a description that is most relevant to his request. But in some cases, the ability to display additional links to the main sections of the catalog or selling pages in the snippet is attractive. These are the so-called quick snippet links.

Micro-marking is just as important as snippets, especially since work on them should be carried out jointly. markup needs to be added to the owners of specialized sites, as if after a site is crawled by a robot it turns out that structured snippets respond better to user requests, then it will be the new snippets that will be returned. Micro-marking is an HTML tag embedded in the page code that helps search bots determine the values ​​of individual blocks on the site page. For example, the company’s contact information may be micro-marked. Then, during the search, the user will receive additional information during the search. Search engines will rank such a site higher than the rest, due to detailed and complete information, which favorably affects the promotion. Also, micro-marking makes it possible to place a picture in a snippet, a profile photo of Google+, product cost, ratings in a snippet and much more.

Well, of course, you should always pay attention to the content (seo-articles) of the site, since even the most successfully composed snippets will not help without unique and interesting information. To collect analytics on the effectiveness of promotion, it is recommended to use specialized seo programs.