What is spam and how to check the text for re-optimization


Perespam (reoptimization of the site) is too frequent use of one word or phrase in the content of the page.

Any element of the page can be re-spammed: headings, menus, articles, and so on, but most often reoptimization concerns texts of product cards or article sections.

An example of such text from Yandex:

Image source: webmaster.yandex.ru

Search engines impose sanctions on such texts (first of all, the speech about the Yandex filter for reoptimization – “Baden-Baden”). Therefore, the texts must be checked.

To check for re-optimization, you can use the Turgenev service. He determines the risk of getting a page with the text “Baden-Baden” and advises what to fix. Shows the “water”, stylistic errors, puts a mark.