What are stop words in contextual advertising

Stop words in contextual advertising – SEO WIKI

Stop words in contextual advertising are words that do not carry a semantic load, mainly auxiliary parts of speech (pronouns, unions, interjections) and punctuation marks.

For example, from the point of view of Direct, the phrases “order pizza in Moscow” and “order pizza Moscow” are the same. Yandex.Direct automatically excludes such stop words from a user request when selecting ads for display.

But in the event that a stop-word plays an essential role for distinguishing between services or goods, special operators are used for stop-words in Direct:

Image source: yandex.ru

For example, for a person, “finishing an apartment” and “an apartment with decoration” are two different things, but for the Yandex stop-word filter it’s the same thing. Therefore, it is better to create a list of stop words for Yandex.Direct yourself, and not download from the network so as not to miss something important.