The uniqueness of the text from the point of view of SEO is the absence of copied fragments that impede the indexing of site content.

Text uniqueness – SEO WIKI

The SEO uniqueness of the text is a parameter that the search engines determine the identity and value of the text for potential visitors.

What does text uniqueness mean for search engine promotion?

Uniqueness is one of the parameters for ranking pages in the search: the more unique the text, the more chances the page has to get into the top 10.

There are special programs and online services for measuring the uniqueness of text. If separate words or whole fragments are highlighted during the check, the marked sections are already found and indexed on other sites. The critical value depends on the specifics of the content. For informational texts, as a rule, normal uniqueness is from 70% and higher; for texts of product cards or others containing many technical characteristics, uniqueness is allowed below.

How to increase the uniqueness of the text?

The main thing is not to copy the entire article from other sources and write really useful content.

Even if the uniqueness of the text falls due to quotes, technical specifications, excerpts from documents (that is, due to the fact that it is impossible to change), but the text is interesting to the user and answers his request, then the uniqueness is enough. For a search engine, the most important thing is to find and display relevant information, even if it is not 100% unique.