Link (hyperlink) in search engine optimization

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A link is a synonym for the word hyperlink, that is, it is an element of content on a page that contains a link to another page or site.

The link is clicked by users when they click on a content item. If the link is located in the text, then it is usually highlighted in a different color and underlined. In most cases, when you hover over a link, it can change its color and the phrase underline can either appear or disappear.

Links are classified by type: text and graphic. The text link consists of two parts: the URL itself, which looks, for example, as “” and the anchor. Anchor is a word or phrase in the text to which a hyperlink is attached. Graphic hyperlinks can be attached to pictures or any other graphic elements of the site.

By type of links, they are divided into local (these are internal links leading to internal pages of the site, which serve for the convenience of users and navigation on the site) and global (these are external links that lead to other Internet resources).