The correct semantic core of the site – how to compose

The semantic core of the site – SEO WIKI

The semantic core of a site is a set of search phrases and words that promote it.

Thanks to key phrases, search robots determine whether a page belongs to a particular topic, which characterizes the type of activity of the company or the services it offers.

The selection of the semantic core (key queries) is carried out on the basis of analysis and collection of information on the goods and services of the company, as well as the statistics of competitors on this topic. Content and key phrases should fully meet the expectations of site visitors. Simply put, visitors should find on the site exactly the information they searched for on request in the search engine.

The compilation of the semantic core also helps to assess the cost of website promotion in search engines.

So, the semantic core is necessary:

For the formation of thematic pages of the site with texts that will be relevant to user requests.
To form the correct structure of the web resource.
For the semantic binding of a specific page to a specific part of the semantic core.
To determine the cost of website promotion, which depends on the quantity and “quality” of key phrases.
For competent and optimal promotion on requests that more accurately describe the services or products offered on the site.
For the correct compilation of snippets (short descriptions of the page), based on key phrases for each page.

How to make a semantic core

When selecting key phrases, three types of queries are distinguished: low-frequency, mid-frequency, and high-frequency. Frequency is influenced by many factors. The definition of a query in a particular group depends on how often users enter a specific phrase in the search engine.

We should not forget about such a parameter as query competition. Requests are also divided into high, medium and low competitive. High-frequency query can be low-competitive and vice versa. This is one of the key aspects of creating the correct semantic core – the optimal selection of queries with high frequency and low competitiveness.

When compiling a semantic core, you should take into account the specifics of the site, which determines by what type of requests it is best to promote a web resource. In order to reduce costs, it is not recommended to advance on general, high-frequency, requests. For example, by the query “news”, “buy a car”, “sell a house” it will be very difficult to bring the site to the first positions.

To compose a semantic core, specialized seo-programs, for example, Key Collector, can be used. This is a paid program, but it will allow you to quickly collect statistics and frequency of requests. Of the free services, you can use Google Analytics or Yandex.Wordstat.