What is time targeting and how to set it up

Time targeting – SEO WIKI

Time targeting is a contextual advertising parameter that sets the time for displaying ads. You need to set up time targeting so that advertisers do not spend money on showing ads at a time when the company is not working or when users are much less interested in its services and products.

For example, a food delivery company operates from 8:00 to 21:00. In this case, it makes no sense to pay for the display of advertising the rest of the time. The user will see the ad, go to the site through it, and will not be able to order food. The advertiser will lose money, the user will lose time and a really bad impression will not form.

To set up time targeting in Yandex.Direct, select the necessary time in the diagram in the corresponding section:

To set up time targeting in AdWords, go to the “Ad Schedule” section and select the appropriate time: