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SEO traffic is the number of visitors to a web resource. Attracting targeted traffic is the main task of any SEO specialist. For this, various methods are used:

Bringing the site to the top for high-frequency queries (seo-promotion);
Attracting traffic from social networks (SMO promotion);
Advertising companies (teaser, contextual and banner advertising);
Placing links on other sites;
Mailing lists.

To visually determine the traffic, meters are used that are installed on the site and counting the number of visitors per day, week, month or year. In order to determine whether traffic is targeted or non-targeted, it is best to use SEO tools and services provided by search engines (for example, Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics).

For webmasters and site owners, traffic can be a source of revenue. It can be an online store selling goods or services when the targeted users are shopping. Another way to monetize is to sell traffic from one site to another through affiliate programs. In this case, an advertisement is placed on the page of one site, which leads to the partner’s web resource. Payment is made for advertising clicks, clicks, or certain actions on the advertiser’s website (for example, registering or purchasing a product).