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Trust (came from the English. Trust – trust) – determines the level of trust of search engines to the site. A trust is one of the important parameters in SEO promotion, as it directly affects the ranking and position of a site in search results. This concept was first applied by Yahoo! during a conference at Stanford University.

The algorithms for calculating a trust by search engines are not completely known, but it has been established that the trust is calculated taking into account both the qualitative parameters of the site as a whole and manually, using special assessors. The trust is calculated not for individual pages, but for the site as a whole.

There are several ways to raise a trust for your web resource:

Internal optimization of all pages;
High-quality and unique content;
Link building (buying links);
Domain age (the older the domain, the more trust);
Unique design (the use of templates leads to a decrease in trust);
High-quality hosting;
The absence of viruses and potentially dangerous scripts;
Good behavioral factors;
The presence of the resource in well-known and reputable catalogs;
Integration with social networks;
Regular content updates.