Turbo pages – technology for accelerating the loading of sites from the Yandex cache for mobile search.

Turbo pages – SEO WIKI

The technology of turbo pages is the accelerated loading of sites on mobile devices when using the Yandex search engine. The function is connected in the Yandex.Webmaster service by allowing the transmission of content via RSS 2.0.

Owners of indexed sites do not need to think about how to make a turbo page: the entire search engine provides the technical setup and external shell. Pages load as quickly as possible due to the use of the search engine cache and its own servers, which can optimize the delivery and distribution of content to end users on the Internet.

Lightweight turbo pages in the search are marked with a special icon and are issued to users of smartphones and tablets.

The technology is designed to increase traffic without taking special measures to adapt the site to display on mobile devices. Yandex tools allow you to create a turbo page, as well as support the collection of statistics, display ads and other useful functions.