UTM tags – link parameters for tracking traffic sources

UTM-метка (Urchin Tracking Module) – SEO WIKI

UTM tags are variables (parameters) that are added to the end of a site’s URL to mark visits to this page from other sites.

Such tags may convey to the site owner any additional information about the source of the visit. Thanks to this technology, you can evaluate the effectiveness of newsletters and advertising campaigns.

UTM tags are used in SMM, contextual and targeted advertising, email newsletters. Information about the transition is transferred to web analytics services – Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica.

There are 5 main variables for labels:

utm_source – the source of traffic, the site from which the user clicked. For example, utm_source = google – go from Google.
utm_medium – channel or type of advertisement (context, e-mail and so on). For example, utm_medium = cpc – contextual advertising.
utm_campaign is the name of the campaign for the report. Therefore, the name of the campaign must match the parameter of this label.
utm_term is the keyword.
utm_content – type and content of the advertisement: what exactly the user clicked on to go to the site.

For example, in the contextual advertisement, a link is given to the landing page of the site. In order to understand that the user came to the site from this announcement, you just need to add UTM tags to the page URL.

Labels are not generated automatically; different services are used to create them (for example, such a linker). If necessary, you can make a short link, but they are not suitable everywhere. For example, on Twitter you can’t put short links with UTM: social network robots suspect spam.

In contextual advertising

This is how UTM tags look in Yandex.Direct:

And the statistics in Metric:

And here are the UTM tags in Google Ads:

And statistics in Analytics:

Correct UTM tags help you track and evaluate most sources.

Important: in contextual advertising for each landing page URL you need to write down your tags in order to receive reports on them and analyze the costs of campaign ads.


A UTM-tag is set if you need to track the source of traffic from social networks on the site. In the label, you can register from which social network the person came from which post. Also, each such important link is called in its own way in order to understand which of the posts the traffic made.