What is verification and why is it needed

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Verification – verification of the authenticity of the account. In social networks, a special symbol is used – a checkmark of verification, which means that the account is checked by the social network and that it is really managed by the organization or the person who is represented in the account.

Verification of “VKontakte” looks like this:

Associated conversions in Google Analytics are recorded in the corresponding report in the “Conversions” section:

In a similar way, verification is completed on Instagram:

And also on Twitter:

And Facebook:

Why do I need to verify my account? Anyone can create an account on social networks, including on behalf of a well-known company or person. To prevent and stop such attempts from people who are not related to such a company or person, it is worth proving the authenticity of the account.

To get the verification icon, you need to write to the technical support specialists of the social network.