What is a visit to Yandex.Metrica and how to check the number of visits on the site

Visit (Yandex.Metrica parameter) – SEO WIKI

In Yandex, a visit is a sequence of any actions of one visitor on a site. The visit ends if the site visitor is idle for some time: by default – 30 minutes, but the parameter can be changed at your own discretion.

The total number of visits can be found in the standard Metrica reports:

A report can be generated in several forms. For example, this will look like a graph:

In addition to visits, Yandex.Metrica has the concept of visitors, and they are often confused. What is their difference? A visit is a user’s activity for a certain time (scrolling, transitions, downloads), and visitors are users who have visited the site in a certain period of time (Yandex determines them by cookies).

In Google Analytics, there’s no visit as a term; its counterpart is a session.