Rewrite texts for website promotion

Wright – SEO WIKI

The rewrite is one of the ways to uniquely text the page. The word rewrite comes from the English word “rewriting,” which means “rewrite”.

It is known that in order to optimize and promote a page on the Internet, unique text must be placed on it. You can either use the services of a copywriter and write text from scratch, or use the existing text and rewrite it, making it unique.

Search robots poorly distinguish between quality rewriting and copyright, since for them an important parameter is the coincidence of the text on the page with other web resources. If the percentage of coincidence is high, then the text is considered non-unique, and such a page can be excluded from search results. The percentage of uniqueness of the text should not fall below 90%.

Another difference between rewrite and copyright is the price. Most often, rewrite is much cheaper.

To check the uniqueness, there are several online services and programs.