XML markup language

XML – data format – SEO WIKI

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is an extensible markup language for text documents recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium.

XML is called an extensible language because the developer can create his own markup, expand it to his requirements, limited only to the given syntax.

For what purposes is the xml format used

XML is used to create web pages. The language was created specifically for use on the Internet: documents created in XML are convenient for creating, reading, and editing.

In the daily practice of an SEO optimizer, the XML data format is used quite often. For example, when creating a site map – sitemap.xml. It also finds application in the Yandex service “Products and Prices”, which subsequently allows you to create unique and attractive snippets in search results. First of all, this is true for online stores and service sites with indicated prices

XML files are also used in other situations: for example, for exporting data to various Yandex services: Auto, Real Estate, Jobs, Video, Reviews about organizations, Car reviews, Market, Reference.

In addition, thanks to the XML format, we have the opportunity to create RSS feeds and connect Turbo pages, which gained great popularity at the end of 2017 and continue to develop.