Yandex.Metrica is a website traffic analysis service that provides detailed statistics.

Yandex.Metrica – SEO WIKI

Yandex.Metrica is a free web analytics system available to users after installing a counter on the site to collect detailed statistics. Traffic data, user behavior, conversions, reports – this is what Yandex.Metrica is for.

What does Yandex.Metrica show?

Visitor statistics: how many people came to the site, when, which pages they visited, what kind of people (demographic data, geography).
Video recording of all site visits over the past 2 weeks (Webvisor technology).
Heat map of clicks, Map of links – the ability to study the actions of visitors.
Conversions: what forms on the site have been filled out, what actions have been completed: for example, filling out an application form (if this is a service site) or placing an order (in an online store).
Close connection with the Yandex.Direct advertising account. If you advertise in Yandex.Direct, in Metric you can get all the data for further analysis.

To receive this data, you need to install the Yandex.Metrica counter on the site.