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Do you have a construction or transport company? Is your competition strong? If you want to be noticed and stand out from other companies, let us design a logo for your company. We will place them on business cards, leaflets, calendars and website. Customers will remember you, start to recognize, use your company’s offer and recommend it.

How important is a logo?

The logo is the hallmark of each brand. Thanks to it, potential customers will quickly identify your company, instantly forming an opinion about it. The logo for the company, or the logotype itself, is of key importance in terms of the customer’s purchasing decision. The buyer decides very quickly whether it is worth betting on a given brand. Simply put – the logo translates into interest in your company.

Our competent graphic designers are able to construct the whole logo in such a way that it inspires customer confidence, influencing the assessment of the quality of services. Thanks to the well-constructed logo, the customer will pay attention to you!

We will create for you:

  • Signet
  • Logotype
  • Tagline

And all this adds up to a company logo that will please you and your customers.

How to distinguish a signet, logotype and tagline? We already explain!

What is a signet ring?

The answer is simple: a signet ring is a graphic symbol that is clearly associated with a given brand, company or organization. It is often used in a given situation instead of the right logo. Even in a situation where there is not enough space to present a given sign. The task of the signet ring is to build a given brand image and to consolidate it in the mind of the consumer. This is an extremely important aspect of the marketing context. The most famous signet rings include the famous Apple Bitten Apple or McDonald’s yellow bows.

What is tagline?

It’s easiest to explain it this way: tagline is simply a slogan that is usually placed under the logo. It is a great tool to communicate to the client what your company is doing while serving as a catchy slogan. What ensures his presence? This is not only greater brand prestige. It’s no secret that a good tagline can work wonders, falling deeply in the mind of a customer who, when he needs a service or product, will intuitively think about your company. Get more customers thanks to our projects!

What is a logotype?

The logotype is a textual representation of the image. The role of the graphic designer is to create a coherent message – the logotype must coincide with the narrative/image of the logo or signet, both graphically and substantively. This is definitely the bane of amateur graphic designers. 

The logotype is extremely important because it is part of visual communication. As we mentioned before – thanks to it, customers immediately form an opinion about your company. We will make sure that it is the best. This definitely drives sales.

What do you gain by betting on the logo for the company?

You stand out

The old marketing principle says, “Stand out or die.” Being noticed is the basis for marketing success. Creating a logo is a great way to draw the attention of potential customers. Our team will prepare a logo, logotype and tagline, thanks to which you will gain attention, interest and trust of potential customers.

You are remembered

Research clearly shows that customers more often associate a given company with a logo than the name itself. You don’t must worry about anything – creating a logo is our speciality. We know the psychology of advertising, the choice of colours and fonts. Thanks to us, your brand will not only be positively received but also remembered.

You increase the prestige of the brand

Our advice Don’t be persuaded that your brand does not deserve prestige. A construction company logo or transport company logo is not a problem for us. Quite the opposite – it is the daily orders of small and medium-sized enterprises that are our speciality. The biggest motivation is the fact that your success is also our success.

You build your credibility and competence

Potential customers evaluate a given brand in the first seconds, often very superficially, assessing its image, which creates the right logo, slogan or signet ring. The logo for the company is the basis. We will make sure that it is a solid basis for your success!

The perfect design is not everything. What else should you know?

Logo design and creation is our undisguised passion. People with great passion and inexhaustible creativity work on our board. What drives us? Coffee? Or maybe shamanic methods? Nothing similar. We are simply specialists with the necessary knowledge, which drives the pride of each job. All because we always give 100%. We will create a logo for the company that meets the highest standards, satisfying your needs and our ambition in creating something special.

Construction company logo? Or maybe a transport company logo? Our logo design is created without borders. Our work system is also clear and transparent, and you have a real impact on the course and final appearance of the whole. It doesn’t matter how complex the order is – we treat all tasks equally and with due care.

Remember, however, that we don’t live by design alone! We also take care of:

Creating websites

We design websites that are very popular. We support small, medium and large enterprises.

Keeping your Facebook page

We successfully run campaigns and entire Facebook pages. We always act quickly, efficiently and with a huge dose of creativity. At the same time, we respond immediately to any trends and changes on the market.


Currently, this is the norm for both smaller and larger brands. Thanks to us your company or online store will be higher in Google search results. This naturally translates into increased website traffic.

It doesn’t matter what scope of services you are interested in. You can be sure that we will meet all the expectations and the whole will be clear and transparent to you. Our full technical support is provided at every stage of the order execution.

Do you need a logo for the company? Come to us. We can help!!

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