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Advertising on Google

Advertising on Google – an effective way to promote yourself on the Internet!

Do you have a business and you want effective advertising on Google? Come to us! CWT Advertising has been conducting effective advertising campaigns on Google for years. We are specialists in Google AdWords and adding companies to Google Maps. We adapt our marketing activities to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Get Found?

When it comes to internet marketing, almost everyone can make a few simple steps on their own, because almost everyone knows about social media. Running a Facebook fan page, sending emails or providing various information on your social media profiles are quite simple tasks when it comes to their basic mastery. However, it takes time to monitor these activities regularly and on an ongoing basis. Many people lack this time, there are also those who prefer a professional advertising campaign done on the Internet – which is why they outsource it, among others our company.

To run a professional advertising campaign – ads on Google, we need skill and time.

Our company has been creating advertising campaigns in Google AdWords for years. We have experience and skills in this, enabling effective promotion of every company!

We have already created many ads on Google and thanks to the positive effects, we have been appreciated more than once. Many of our clients recommend our company as gratitude – hence the growing interest in the Google advertising service in our company.

Google AdWords – advertising on Google

Google AdWords is the Google advertising system – the only one that allows you to advertise yourself and your brand on Google, whose purpose is to display Google users text or image ads (depending on the type of network chosen by the company that wants to advertise). Both image and text ads fall under the category of sponsored links.

Text ads or image ads on Google?

Ads on Google are divided into campaigns. There are several types of campaigns to choose from: video campaigns, app promotions, Google shopping, ad networks, and the search network. The most common and associated by people probably include text ads on Google or graphic ads. Which are better? Which Google ads are the best to invest in?

Thinking about the type of advertising that will be most suitable for you – it’s best to consult with Google advertising specialists. Whether you choose image or text ads depends largely on the amount you’re able to spend on your campaign. Image ads on Google are primarily more expensive. It is also important what end result you expect. The optimal solution is to combine text and image ads.

Our Google AdWords specialists will advise you on the best advertising option on Google!

Text ads are ads displayed in the first positions after attempting to search for the required phrase in the search engine (above organic results – they are clearly separated from them). Text ads on Google are marked with the characteristic yellow “Advertisement”. These types of ads usually operate on the so-called CPCs, i.e. they are paid for each click by an interested person and going through the link to the advertiser’s website. This is a good option in that you do not pay for each time you display the ad, but for clicking on the ad on Google by the potential recipient of your products, services etc.

On the other hand, graphic ads are ads broadcast using so-called productive feeds. These are image ads that appear on a search engine when Google retrieves product information along with graphics. Certainly, everyone associates them, hence the fact that they are very effective.

Ads on Google – entrust it to us!

Google AdWords is a collection of tools to promote your brand on Google. Some of them are less complicated, others more. Partially, advertising on Google can be done yourself, but it’s always worth trusting professionals and if you have a larger budget – over several hundred zlotys, then you should entrust this task to the appropriate company specialized in Google AdWords.

Our company, as already mentioned, has been dealing with this topic for years and always successfully.

A huge plus is that by commissioning the preparation of a professional advertising campaign for our company, you can be sure of immediate and noticeable results!

The costs of an advertising campaign on Google start at a few hundred zlotys and are flexible. Depending on what you need and what affects you expect, our company will optimize the campaign’s activities in such a way that it is effective.

It is worth contacting us with these types of tasks. Because you gain confidence that almost immediately, we will achieve much better results than people who do not know the system of advertising on Google. And why waste time and money when we are available?

The most important thing in cooperation with us is that you determine the amount of budget you would like to spend on advertising on Google. Our activities are matched to this amount. We will advise you on what form of advertising is right for you and help your company achieve its goals!

To get even better results, it is worth choosing to combine Google AdWords advertising campaigns with Google Analytics, which, as an online tool for analysing website statistics, will optimize the effectiveness of the campaign. It will show what works, what not necessarily and what is good to change.

Our specialists will prepare an effective campaign from A to Z, proposing the most effective keywords – appropriate for the type of business being advertised. We will also prepare ads for you and set analytical tools in such a way that you can easily check what you pay for.

Effective advertising on Google Maps – it’s possible!

Being on the Internet – especially in Google’s most popular search engine in recent years – is a chance for every company to stand out of the crowd and gain new customers. At the very beginning, the most important thing is to ensure that the company exists on Google at the real address. As a result, anyone interested in services / products will be able to easily reach your headquarters. This type of solution provides the option of visibility of the company in Google maps.

Ads on Google Maps are activities that promote the company primarily at the local level. Ads on Google Maps are free, which is a big plus for the costs that you must spend on other types of advertising campaigns on Google.

Remember that local ads in Google search engines and maps are the same benefits and a convenient solution for your business!

Organic results as a form of advertising on Google

When we use activities aimed at promoting business, we have at our disposal as the basic form of the so-called organic search results. This is one of the options to optimize your company’s visibility on Google – right next to Google AdWords. Please note that organic search results are a free option. All it takes is for the page to be indexed by Google robots.

Promoting the page to the top positions in Google results is unfortunately difficult when using organic positioning and the effects are visible only after a long time. And not like in the case of advertising in Google AdWords, where positioning effects are visible almost immediately.

Reaching position on the first page of Google searches is a feat. It’s even harder to stay there permanently. Organic positioning is a constant and hard work that we will also gladly do for you.

Why work with us?

  • We provide specialist care, ready to help in any case and at almost any time,
  • We start implementing tasks immediately,
  • We prepare accurate reports of work and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns conducted on Google,
  • We have no hidden costs – we guarantee transparency of activities.


When choosing ads on Google and thus deciding to promote a website on the internet, it is usually initially proposed to buy sponsored links. They can “make a move” very quickly and make us visible on Google. As for organic results in Google search engine – it is recommended to use this method later, because at the beginning it is difficult to do anything positive here. This does not mean, however, that it is impossible!

The benefits you get through advertising in the organic results of Google search engines or actions from an AdWords campaign is worth combining both with each other and e.g. with advertising in Google maps. Such related activities give you the confidence to reach a larger group of people potentially interested in working with you!

Do you want to be effective in online advertising? Use our help!

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