SEO optimization for websites

SEO optimization for websites

Problem with visibility on Google? The solution is site optimization!

Why do I need website optimization?

Lack of website optimization according to Google’s webmaster guidelines is one of the reasons why your company’s offer is lagging behind the competition in organic search results. In practice, this only means that if so far no one has carried out a basic SEO audit and did not indicate technical errors that have a negative impact on the visibility of your page in the search engine, taking first place will cost you much more than it should.

Website optimization by the CWT Advertising team is primarily:


  • verification of the website source code,
  • analysis of the way content is presented,
  • optimization of graphic design,
  • adaptation of the website’s technology to mobile standards (RWD),
  • filling subpages with meta tags,
  • content duplication audit.

Benefits of SEO Website Optimization

  • Improving site visibility in organic Google search results

Within a few to several days of implementing all optimization patches, you will notice a significant increase in Google traffic. How much? The more mistakes we eliminate, the better effect you can expect. Website optimization directly affects the visibility of your website, so do not underestimate it.

  • Reducing expenses on running an ongoing SEO campaign [link building]

Comprehensive optimization of websites effectively reduces the costs of running an SEO campaign by the agency; primarily in the context of acquiring new links.

  • Improving website usability

SEO optimization consists of several dozen factors in total – including those that directly or indirectly influence the way content is presented to the target customer. Is my website eligible for SEO optimization?

Thanks to SEO optimization you are able not only to increase the visibility of the page in the search engine but also to reduce positioning costs. Thanks to the optimization of websites, we make your websites appear high in the search engine, so people looking for products and services you offer will find you!

Website optimization is very important for the positioning and reception of your site by users. Valuable, well-planned texts, with the right number of key phrases, ensure high positions and allow you to quickly find the information you need. Good quality content will satisfy the curiosity of a potential customer and help build confidence in your brand. Website optimization is very important for.

  • We successfully undertake SEO optimization of websites based, among others about:

    • proprietary CMS engines,
    • HTML + CSS (without content management system),
    • WordPress
    • Joomla,
    • Drupal,
    • PrestaShop
    • Magento.

Do you want to be effective in online advertising? Use our help!

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