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Positioning – measurable effects and big profits

By positioning your website in Google, you can attract potential customers and increase sales of your products and services. You will be clearly visible on the internet and quickly reach people interested in your offer! We position websites, among others stationary stores, local service companies and enterprises that provide their services exclusively online.

What is Website positioning?

Search engine optimization is often called SEO (search engine optimization). Website positioning aims to maintain the highest position in browser search results. It is mainly about acquiring and maintaining a leading position. natural search results. These are results from free links that are not supported in a paid, artificial way etc.

Website positioning is all types of marketing-related activities that are expected to ultimately lead to customer acquisition. Website positioning is the activity of designing, creating and optimizing the content on a website. The next stages of positioning the site are the acquisition of incoming links, as well as technical improvement of the site.


Our company offers services aimed at positioning the websites of companies operating on local and national markets! We mainly deal with local positioning, but we also have clients for whom nationwide advertising is important, as well as brand promotion. We operate with full commitment and achieve measurable successes. Contact us and find out more.

We prove that almost every customer can get high positions in the browser search results! The only requirement is that the content on the page should be legible, transparent and indexable by Google robots. There are practically no requirements as to the content or type of promoted materials – we mainly provide services promoting local service companies and online stores. Effective SEO activities focused on blogs or websites with a slightly different character or nationwide/worldwide coverage are also possible.

Local website positioning

Local website positioning is marketing activities aimed at obtaining the highest positions in the search engine and acquiring customers from a selected area (city, location, province).

Local positioning brings huge benefits, for smaller companies whose main market for products or services in the local market.

On the market, you can meet companies and enterprises that do not operate on the Internet and provide their services only at the company’s headquarters or branches. These types of companies include hairdressers, mechanics, plumbers, restaurants etc. They also should invest in a decent website and its positioning. Because thanks to this they can attract more customers to their site.

Website positioning – location determination

It is very important in local positioning to determine the location of the promoted company/website/enterprise. Not sure which location to decide on? Call or write to us We are happy to help!

It is often the case that when searching for a specific service or product, you do not must enter a specific area in the search engine (e.g. Kraków roadside assistance). Google Search will download information about your current location, it will do it for you and search for the best results suggestions.

Google Search uses many tools to determine the user’s current location. What tools are these?

  • First, Google search engine collects information about the user’s Location, taking into account the user’s search history,
  • IP address,
  • Location history – recently registered locations are of importance here.

These types of Google activities are not always accurate, but it can be assumed that 95% of searches on this basis can be considered satisfactory and useful.

Website positioning – the biggest advantages

Local positioning means that the user gets adequate results in response to his password. As a result, he usually decides to use the offer of one of the first companies that will appear in the search results.

Why is it worth investing in local website positioning?

  • Almost half of all types of Google searches are local searches.
  • The vast majority of users search for a business on Google Maps – check its exact location; getting to know the address, visiting the website and obtaining a phone number calls the company to get information about the product/service sought.
  • At least 55% of people who were looking for a specific product or service decided to buy at the company’s headquarters.
  • About 65% of people decide to collect the purchased product in a stationary store (if possible).
  • For almost a third of people looking for something on the internet, the most important thing is the proximity to the company or stationery store. Because there they can get more information about products or choose and check a specific product on the spot, without having to bother sending back the goods in the event of a complaint or exchange.
  • One-third of people looking for a service or product via the Internet need them at a given moment – it gives them a chance to complete the transaction almost immediately or conclude a contract.
  • Many users look for services or products using mobile devices. Because they can do it almost anywhere and at any time. As much as 78% of local mobile searches end in finalizing transactions at the company’s headquarters, branch or stationary store – it happens within 24 hours!

Local positioning is a chance for existence and increase of profits both in the case of smaller enterprises (e.g. car repair shops), as well as large companies whose area of ​​activity covers not only individual cities but all of the UK.

Both smaller companies and large enterprises can gain a lot by focusing on potential recipients in the immediate area. This is the positioning of the page. The benefits listed above can be obtained almost immediately by using the services of our company – we offer cheap website positioning! We know that while working on improving your position in local search results, you need to focus not only on the website and its correct optimization, but also on continuous, systematic control and updating of entries in Google Maps. It is also worth encouraging recipients to actively express opinions about the company on the Internet. Because positive feedback primarily affects the more frequent selection of your company from many other local plants offering similar services.

Are you interested in cheap website positioning? Contact us and see that it is possible!

Website positioning – online stores

Online store positioning is another very important type of website positioning. The positioning of the store’s website is a complex process and a prerequisite for the existence of this online store.

Online store – as the name implies, it is a place where we can buy something online. For the existence of this type of store – regardless of the type of products offered – the most important is visibility on the Internet and attracting as many people interested in the offer as possible. The successful operation of your online store will only ensure effective positioning on the internet!

The e-commerce industry and website positioning, which is an online store, requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Our team is very committed to each such type of order. And the efficiency of website positioning by our company can surprise.

An important aspect when positioning an online store is accurate and regular optimization, which guarantees an increase in the number of visits to your store and thus – an increase in sales.

Store positioning – what benefits can you count on?

  • Comprehensive optimization of the online store, guaranteeing greater profits.
  • Precisely selected phrases, increasing range and improving the visibility of the
  • Additional services affecting the effectiveness of advertising (Google Maps, Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.).
  • The offer is fully adapted to your needs and expectations.
  • Positioning plan consistent with the philosophy of the company’s marketing strategy.
  • Availability of own SEO supervisor, who provides advice and assistance at any time.

Website positioning is an increase in sales

The positioning of the online store by our company is a guarantee of satisfaction and rapid increase in website traffic and increase in sales. What distinguishes us is primarily cheap online store positioning. What else can you count on?

  • Comprehensive online store optimization, guaranteeing greater profits,
  • Precisely selected phrases, increasing the range and improving the visibility of the store – which leads to attracting more potential customers,
  • Additional services affecting the effectiveness of advertising (Google Maps, Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.),
  • Offer fully adapted to your needs and expectations,
  • Positioning plan consistent with the philosophy of the company’s marketing strategy,
  • Availability of own SEO supervisor, who provides advice and assistance at any time.

The promotion of an online store by our company means greater recognition of your brand on the internet, increased website traffic – automatically generating more sales. Website positioning also means optimized billing forms and an extensive and fully personalized statistics panel that allows you to control and change sales goals.

Positioning on the Internet is all activities aimed at increasing the recognition of a particular brand, including her profits. This is done by increasing the frequency of page display in the first places in search results. Positioning on the Internet is currently very popular activities, without which the brand may almost not exist.

We service orders from cities such as well as from all over the country. Our portfolio also includes projects made for clients from abroad.
In the cities, it is possible to reach the client and meet in person to discuss the order.

Positioning is long-term profits for your business. Take advantage today and contact us!

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