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Copywriting and SEO copywriting – we create texts that sell for you!

What is the purpose of copywriting? First, increase sales, recognition of your brand and the products and services it offers. Good quality texts are not only high results in Google search engine but also high sales results and rapid development of your company!

What is copywriting? Who is a copywriter?

Copywriting is writing texts of an advertising nature for various types of publications. These can be blogs, websites and all types of advertising materials. A copywriter is a man who deals with the preparation of content and advertising slogans. We distinguish between copywriting and SEO copywriting, which is prepared by a person who knows positioning techniques, it is SEO copywriter.

A copywriter is a person responsible for the artistic stage when creating these texts. With an open head and a light pen.
Writing high-quality texts, however, is not only based on creating interesting and engaging content, but also on preparing them in such a way that they arouse the needs of your customers’ consumers.
Thanks to well-written texts, we gain the opportunity to interest a potential customer in your products and services. From here, it’s just a step to complete the sale! With the help of specialized tests, we meet the needs of your customers and convince them that it is worth choosing just you!

An SEO copywriter will help you improve your website’s position in search engine. Who is and how his work differs from creating a sales or information text? We invite you to continue reading.

SEO copywriting and SEO copywriter

Copywriting SEO is writing high-quality texts with appropriate saturation of key phrases. An SEO copywriter uses key phrases to create text that is valuable to search engine robots.

SEO copywriting – what do key phrases change?

SEO copywriter works based on so-called “key phrases”. Key phrases are phrases entered by web users in the search engine. Thanks to specialized tools, we can check which phrases are entered in the search for a specialist from your industry. Thanks to this, when creating a website for your business, we know what needs and questions your potential customers are looking for answers to.
Thanks to this, while creating texts for you, we subject them to the optimization process, thanks to which your website is highly rated not only by users but also by search engine robots.
An SEO copywriter is a person who creates an attractive text that is in line with the requirements of search engines. Thanks to this, your website is easier to position and achieves high places in search results faster.

Why is copywriting and SEO copywriting so important for the development of your business?

How do you acquire new customers? With words. You convince them why your product or service is better than others, why it needs you. We have the same goal when preparing texts for your website or for various types of publications. Do what you can’t do when you don’t know your client yet. Thanks to us, the customer will be interested in your offer without the need to contact you.
Good content is not only high-quality, correctly written text. It is above all knowledge of the needs of a potential customer. Before our copywriter begins writing texts for you, he carefully analyses the target group to which the text is to reach. Thanks to this, he uses the language understandable to the recipient and provides him only with the information he needs. The recipient does not feel bored and his needs have been met. It begins to perceive your company as reliable and trustworthy.

Thanks to high-quality texts, we are able not only to evoke specific attitudes among its recipients but to realistically affect the recognition of your brand on the Internet. Good content, saturated with the right number of key phrases, affects the position of your page in Google search engine. Website texts are crucial in the positioning process, which is why SEO copywriting is becoming increasingly popular. Do you want to draw the potential customer’s attention to your offer? Bet on a good presentation! By using the language of benefits, each product or service will be a response to your client’s needs. See for yourself how good content will change how your brand perceives on the web – contact us!

What do you need to create high-quality text?

A good text is true and reliable information provided in a form attractive to the user. Therefore, before starting work, our copywriter contacts you to learn about the specifics of your industry and expectations regarding the prepared text.
To create interesting content, you need not only knowledge about the product or service you want to advertise, but also the idea of ​​how to do it right. That is why our copywriter is constantly expanding his knowledge and improving his skills so that the fruit of his work is completely satisfying for you. The SEO copywriter pays attention not only to the attractive presentation of your offer but also to the parameters of search engines, based on many years of knowledge and experience.
After all, a good text is also an interesting idea. The creative process begins even before the first mark is made. Therefore, each time our copywriter devotes the right amount of time to make your text attractive to the recipient and bring the intended effect – your success!

What texts are we preparing?

By choosing to work with CWT Advertising, you get high-quality lyrics at an attractive price. We work together for your success!

We will prepare for you:

  • texts for websites;
  • blog entries;
  • product descriptions for online stores and websites;
  • sponsored, expert and guide articles;
  • content for promotional materials such as leaflets, banners and more;
  • notice;
  • texts supporting the positioning of your website and content optimization, in line with SEO.

We also edit and optimize existing content. Thanks to this, the text you already have will bring you high search results and satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our SEO copywriter will prepare for you a sales text, me and comply with SEO copywriting principles, facilitating website positioning.

Come to us – don’t wait for your competition to do it first!

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