Drones - photos and videos from drones -

Drones - photos and videos of the drone

Drone videos and photos – show your best side!

Do you want to show potential customers what your work looks like or show off your equipment or accessories? Thanks to the drone shots you will show your company from an unusual perspective, which will allow you to stand out from the competition. Let your customers see why you are better and it’s worth choosing your brand!
Movies and photos from the drone are a great souvenir of family celebrations and important life events. Use the latest technical solutions and keep beautiful moments!

Drones – what are they and what is special about them?

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles. Due to their small size, they can easily reach many places inaccessible or hard to reach for people or other machines/devices. They use a drone operator’s remote control for video and photo capture.

Photos and movies taken by drones are small costs and much greater precision, compared to other methods of filming. No additional crew needed to operate the drone guarantees breath-taking effects while minimizing costs.

Why use drone shots?

Shots from the drone are used in a very wide range. These are primarily: commercial (advertising) films, music videos, aerial videos of outdoor events and festivities, as well as technical inspections, construction documentation and many more. Thanks to the films from the drone, you will show the advantages of the area around your centre or apartment, as well as the seat of your company. Drones allow you to create unique shots.

Shots from the drone guarantee precision and show objects whose beauty would be difficult to display in a different way. They are perfect for filming landscapes and celebrations as well as company buildings or production processes. They provide access to places where the camera operator would not have favourable conditions or opportunities to create satisfactory material. They enable the adoption of perspective not available for other filming equipment.

Drones are following current trends. Stay ahead of the competition and advertise yourself in this original way!

Drone shots – trust professionals with experience

Drone filming is one of our passions and specializations. Our offer also includes an aerial photography service. The photos we make are not only about the artistic dimension of the design, but also about ensuring consistency with the brand image. The prepared materials are distinguished by professionalism and good knowledge of the subject. Thanks to us, you will create a business card of your company that is worth bragging about on the web. Use it on your new website or Facebook.

We make video films and photos from the air with a professional drone, using high-quality equipment. Thanks to this, the materials we create reflect the details you care about most. Our company is equipped with drones with a camera that can work in almost any weather conditions – also during rain or wind!

We have extensive experience in the production of films and photographs made using a drone. Our trained team is a guarantee of customer satisfaction! Every time we undertake another order – we examine the client’s needs and expectations in great detail, which allows us to know his needs. Thanks to this, the result is satisfying and brings the desired results.

Drones – for whom is this way of filming

We provide services for companies and individuals, both drone filming and aerial photography. Drone videos and photos are sought after services when it comes to handling concerts, events, visualizations, inspections, as well as private events such as weddings, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Recently, drone filming has become so popular that it is present at almost every event!

Our company has the rights for drone operators, so all projects are carried out by professionals and experienced people who have worked with the drone for hundreds of hours. We make movies and photos from the drone only in places where the law allows it. If necessary, for the safety of ourselves and bystanders, we work closely with flight control towers appropriate for the region. We have extensive experience in the production and editing of drone’s movies, which we have acquired by servicing many events, concerts and both corporate and family events.

The time and place to shoot drone movies or take aerial photos are a pleasure and a challenge every time. We make films and photos from the drone throughout the UK.

Drone photos and videos – when it is worth taking advantage of technological innovations

Drones are an ideal solution for owners of holiday resorts, apartments and all places for recreation and rest. Thanks to high quality video materials, you get the chance to convince potential customers from all over the UK. Nothing convinces like a picture of a well-kept centre, with beautiful surroundings and attractions for both large and small. Meet your customers’ expectations and show what makes you different!

All our projects are carried out with due diligence and creativity. By using a drone, you will commemorate celebrations and important events by creating an unforgettable souvenir, which is a unique gift for your guests and for you! Filming drone and taking photos from the air is a great opportunity to show your originality, diversify the event and provide both yourself and other participants with an amazing souvenir, which are undoubtedly movies and photos from the drone.

Do you like “aerial” movies? This is what the drone footage will be, which we will make just for you! Contact us and find out the details!

We Serve Clients all over the UK Including London, West Midlands, Essex, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, And Liverpool

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